Back to School Eye Care

Children’s eyes are constantly changing, so it’s important for them to receive regular eye exams, especially for the new school year. Eye exams keep track of vision changes and detect any developing eye conditions that can make it difficult for your child to see in the classroom.

Vision is an important part of learning. Some common eye diseases that can develop as early as the age of six years old are myopia, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. An eye exam right before school begins makes sure that myopia or other vision problems haven’t developed over the summer.

Special eye exam charts and techniques are used for pediatric eye exams so that children can properly communicate in order to complete vision exams.

Pediatric eye charts use Lea symbols, which is a system using small pictures. Doctors use a light in order to test the child’s eye muscles and field of vision for a proper range of motion, and the use of pictures inside of their instruments test vision focus. They can also get a lot of information about a child’s vision by examining the reflection in the back of the child’s eyes.

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